Not Really Good at Nothing


It is Day Two of the Blog Every Day In May challenge and I already have writers block. Today’s topic prompts you to educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.” I find this very difficult, because I have come to pride myself in knowing a little bit about a lot… A jack of all trades so to speak. Honestly, there is not one thing I think I am really good at, or that I claim to be an aficionado at. I am just sorta good and many things… At this rate I guess I could write a post about being a good bullshitter, because finding satisfaction in being a jack of all trades is simply a rationalization of the fact that I never followed through with anything long enough to become an expert. I learned as much as I saw fit, which is a fancy way of saying until I got bored, and then I moved onto the next thing. Hardly something to be proud of.

So hmmm what to write about? I do always say I am a good sleeper, but that just comes naturally. I am not sure how I could write an entire blog about how to be lazy. I also think I am a good card player, but the Hubby says you can’t consider yourself good at something that is based solely on chance. Spoken like a person who is NOT a good card player. Let’s see, what else is there? Gosh this is getting depressing.

Ok I’ve got it. I stated at the beginning of this challenge that I was going to blog every day in May the EGG way. So instead of using this time to educate readers about something I am good at, I am going to make a promise or resolution to myself that I am going to start dedicating myself to projects and follow through with them so I can actually become good at something. For example, I am going to finally teach myself to sew. I have been wanting to learn forever, but could never pull the trigger on purchasing a sewing machine. My grandmother recently brought me her old machine so now I have no excuse. I am seeing many pillows and curtains in my future.

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  1. One thing about being a “jack-of-all-trades” is that you become a well-rounded person! That’s an achievement. Some people become so specialized that’s it’s hard for them to integrate easily. Looking forward to reading more of your responses. I have you tagged in my WordPress reader.

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